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Hi, welcome to La Farrah Boutique!

My name is Nadeen Shnawer, wife, mother of four and founder of a Small Business. Since I was a young girl, I've always loved dressing up and being involved in the fashion industry. Growing up as a Palestinian Arab American in the United States has made me feel different in the classroom and in my neighborhood, yet I was always proud of myself. Being different means you are unique and you stand out in many ways others don’t. Being a part of a heavily populated Arab community helped me realize the importance of keeping one's culture alive and to pass it down to the next generations. No matter where we reside, each one's roots take them back to their ancestry for this reason, La Farrah Boutique was created. There was a shortage in the local Marketplace for traditional exclusively  Middle Eastern modest wear.  La Farrah Boutique offers a variety of different exclusive Palestinian Embroidered dresses  also known as a Thobe which is very rare and unique in its designs, colors and embroidery as well as other modern styles. My passion and dream is to make purchasing traditional dresses  very simple, easy and accessible all over the world because every queen deserves to outshine herself!


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  • Salam, what does the options size 1, 2,3 mean? What sizes does that represent as I’d like to buy a few pieces and are you able to do express shipping within a week or two?

  • Hello Nadeen,

    Yes, I would like to proceed with the exchange if you issue me a credit refund which I will use to buy from your store whenever I find
    something to buy. Please let me know which carrier you want me to use to send the return and which address. Thank you for your help.

    Sukina Atiya

    Sukina Atiya
  • Hi, I want to order the New Black Gold Tatreez Thobe and I was wandering if you can make the length 58 instead of 60. Also, I need to order the scarf which match the thoeb but there is no option to add the scarf to my order. I tried reaching you by chat last night but no one answered my chat. Please let me know how to request the scarf and how much the scarf cost. If you have a contact number for your business, please send it to me. Thank you.

    Sukina Atiya
  • Hi, I ordered 2 thobs last night and I was wandering if the length can be adjusted to 58 instead of 60? I am in the process to order couple more and I need to know before I order please.
    Thank you.

    Sukina Atiya

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